Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fredericksburg Pub

Today Gail took me out to "The Fredericksburg Pub" for lunch. She had the pub burger, I had the bronzed fish sandwich. Both came with fries. I also added a Boddingtons (on tap) to the meal. This place is going to give other area restaurants a run for their money for the following reasons
a) Good pub fare
b) Fast service, I mean fast for everything, from getting our order, to bringing our drinks, to having the food in front of us.
c) Nice sized proportions and good prices
d) A Variety of flat screens showing football (American football) and football (soccer)
f) Attractive and unique uniforms

The F'burg Pub has a great architectural bar in the center, which is the focal point. In addition to the regular booths, they have an opening into a patio that will be open to the outside in the summer, but at the time is heated and closed in. It almost doubles the seating. The food was cooked wonderfully, and comes with a bar specialty, a fried pickel. We almost missed it in the pile of fries, but our waitress pointed it out and we both loved it.

On the service, we noticed on several occasions that the wait staff, servers, runners, everyone was working together to make sure we were taken care of quickly. We noticed a manager kick in at one point for a neighboring table.

The bar has not yet finished their cask system, so those wanting cask beer will have to wait a little longer. The selection of draught beers was adequate, but more interesting was the ability to get a nice sized flight tasting. Not only could you select a flight of beer or wine, you could also select any 3 ounce tastes 12yr or less Scotch ($18) or 3 tastes of bourbon ($14). Their menu excludes "local selections" of these flights, but that's still an interesting take on 'flights'.

We plan on heading back to The Fredericksburg Pub to try the deserts, after seeing the cheesecake at the table behind us.

Not being British, I'm not sure if the staff kilts are authentic, and I'm definitely curious if the miniskirts are typical of a British Pub. But rest assured, the place has good food and drink too.

That's the advantage of reviewing wonderfully run establishment like The Fredericksburg Pub, is you don't feel like the attractive uniforms are trying to distract from poor food or bad service. In this case it all adds to decor and feelings of drinking in a British corner PUB, with staff anxious to make you feel at home. Oh yes, and since this is a non-smoking environment, you will never leave smelling like a chimney. Lets hope that more area establishments take this cue.


David said...

Thanks for the review. Since they don't have the much-promoted cask ales and the "authentic" British pub relies on tacky uniforms, I don't feel the need to rush over there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

6 months late in terms of the timing of your post, and I'm sure your curiousity has caused you to research a bit more.. but I've lived in London for the past 3 years and after coming home to the area and visiting the pub, I can say it is hardly authentic past a lot of the decor and drinks, but it's a cool place.

It's sort of like... if a real British pub and a TGIF had kids.. The selection of drinks is very good and the chef is from Essex (just Northeast of London) and is a very sound guy, but past that its a very American take on a British pub... I worked in one during my time, visited countless others... we wear just regular street clothes (tshirt, jeans) and there's less emphasis on the food (though the fish and chips is very good, better than most chippies in the uk)

Best thing is in the UK you have to be careful of what pubs you go into... whereas here, everyone is welcome!

sal said...

We have had lunch many times at this pub. For the most part it's been very enjoyable. It's usually a large group and they accommodate us easily. Well, today I took my oldest daughter who had never been before and, her friend. I had one of my 2 usual. The pub burger was my choice today. It is normally cooked to perfection and very good. Today is was horrible. I asked for it rare, and expected it rare. It came out burnt on one side, literally and cooked medium I asked for a different once again came out burnt with the waitress saying the cook said the grill leaves the char on the burger. It was not char but actually burned. So, we gave it one more try. And again it came out medium and burned around the edges.I tried to eat it as I was frustrated beyond patience, it even tasted burned.. It befuddles me beyond measure how you can screw up a burger not once but 3 times. It was the worst ever. They refunded my money but the disappointment I am left with makes me now want to find out who's cooking before I go again. Sad sad sad..the manager should have stepped in and cooked it or something....I'll stick with the Garlic Burger at Old Town Grill on Caroline from now on...

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