Thursday, August 13, 2009

8 Things I Will Miss From the DC Commute

After beating up on VRE yesterday, I was getting coffee this morning thinking about the things I will miss about going to Crystal City every day.

1. Having Mocha Mo's on speed dial for the best Vanilla Skim Latte for the train ride
2. Catching the sunrise over the Potomac
3. The Tue afternoon street market with real farms in Crystal City
4. For that matter, I will miss Crystal City and the active BID, arts, music, parks and vibrant life
5. My afternoon nap on the long "heat restrictions" ride home (VRE reference for the non commuter)
6. The beauty in a designed city: skyscrapers, 2500 car underground lots, the ability to stroll inside from one end to the other.
7. Buses that run every 10 min
8. Having time to blog and twitter every morning and afternoon.


Eric said...

I did the commute from Fredericksburg to Arlington/the Pentagon for four years. 10 years ago I switched to a job with heavy travel but where I work from home when not traveling.

I'd be hard-pressed to come up with ONE thing I miss about the DC commute!

Mike Morones said...

what prompted the change? new job closer to the burg?

Bryan said...

You got it, closer to the burg. I'll be able to leave home and return at the same time while putting in 9-10 hours and getting a flex schedule in return. Plus the new job gets me back into full program management.

Larry G said...

what's your new commute look like?

is it a walk ?

ha ha ha !!!

Larry G said...

hey! I was kidding... guy

Bryan said...

I WISH! We'd need some more engineering (electronics/sw, not structural) firms here in town before I can walk it. That will be the day.

A short (for DC) drive tho, so I'm pretty happy with that.

Maybe I'll get more time to blog - na - that's just dreaming now.

Larry G said...

Hey - aren't some of the politicians telling us if we give VRE more money they'll start running reverse-commute trains....and that will bring all kinds of Fed and related jobs to the Burg?

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