Friday, April 17, 2009

Did the Republicans Not Learn Anything

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
-Benjamin Franklin

Do you sometimes feel like deja vu? Well, I hate to see it happen because a little good healthy competition is beneficial to everyone. Yep, I'm talking politics again. Yeah, yeah, I don't live in the 99th district, but I own real estate there, and I hate to see the GOP go down the same right wing hard nose path again. Of course I'm talking about Catherine Crabill who is taking on Albert Pollard for VA delegate. (If you want to see lots of area blog posts on the 99th race, go to and search 99th.)

I'm definitely a social liberal, and strongly believe in that part of the constitution that add "liberty and the pursuit of happiness." I also believe in the power of the amendments added over time. I'll admit that early on I liked McCain, he had voted middle of the road, and was rather socially liberal for a Republican. Then to get the nomination he sold out those of us in the middle, and we were courted by the Democrats. The Democratic party should be applauded for their efforts to be a more encompassing party, that understands compromises to get things accomplished that move the world along to better times.

My issue is this, I don't see how Crabill can honestly quote the constitution followed by limiting certain categories of people to not do certain things in the same web page. It's upsetting that splattered all over her website for delegate you can find references to why you should vote for her because of her Christian upbringing and beliefs. But where does it say what she stands for on solutions to the economy? Solutions for crumbling infrastructure? Solutions for security? Solutions for teen pregnancy? Shall I go on?

Ugh, I give up - if the Republican party doesn't get it, I'll go get my political candidates from somewhere else! I use to like the Republican party, what happened?


Timothy Watson said...

The bad thing is that I'm both a fiscal and social conservative, although the fiscal part for me seems to motivate my actions more than the social part.

But the main things I hate are liars and conspiracy theorists, be it 9/11 "truthers" or OKC bombing "truthers". The sheer insanity of those people...

I voted for Albert Pollard last year because Lee Anne Washington couldn't stop lying during her campaign, and I'm going to vote for Pollard again this year because of Crabill's insanity. I refuse to reward the behavior that has come, and is coming from those two.

Bryan said...

Glad to see there are other people wondering the same things. Where is the competition?

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